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After 4 years of hard work of investigation on how to adapt the rhythms of Afro-Venezuelan drums with percussive effects of flutes, the moment has come in which Manuel Rojas would like to share with everyone of you, his first promotional, “Afroflautas” (Afro-Flutes); belonging to his second CD entitled Retribución” (Retribution), as a gift which all of his friends and fans will be able to DOWNLOAD FREE HERE of charge this Christmas.

Afroflautas (Fulia)..........Composition and Harmonic Arrangement by Manuel Camero

Prima: C Flute (Percussive)
Cruzao:  C Flute (Percussive)
Pujao:  Bass Flute (Percussive)
Maracas:  Voice

Executive and Musical Production:  Manuel Rojas
Production and direction of the perucussive rhythms with flutes:Yonathan (Morocho) Gavidia
Recording, editing, mixing and mastering: Juan Carlos Almao
Recorded in the “Flor de Venezuela” room (Barquisimeto, Venezuela)
Cover Design:  Arnoldo Porta

All of the harmonic, melodic and percussive sounds in this promotional were produced with flutes and executed by Manuel Rojas.

The Afro-Venezuelan rhythms "culo 'e puya" through percussive effects on the flute in "Retribución (Retribution)"

This is an experimental work, the idea was to try to innovate, and it is a theme that is based on the well-known Afro-Venezuelan rhythm like the tambor redondo or culo e puya; it is a battery of three drums and maracas.  And … well the main idea was to work the drums with percussive sounds and take them to the studio and try to make it as similar or as close as possible to the sound of the drums.

For many years, I have been trying to get new sounds on the flute to find new colors. I can say that this theme is the consolidation of all these years of study and work with the flutes, it is a name that we wanted to put to the song, giving thanks to my God and Lord, rewarding in some way all things He has given to; the talent, life and all the wonderful things that we can live day to day,

It is important to stress that this theme RETRIBUTION was composed by Pedro Jimenez and myself. Pedro Jimenez was one of the persons who led me and motivated me to record this song, I actually  thank him, and a great percussionist friend of mine who gently explained to me the origin of each drum and its sound; my friend Yonder Rodriguez, a percussionist from  Lara State.


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The 2nd Meeting of flutes, Bucaramanga (Colombia)

Posteado por Manuel Rojas el 07-06-2013 07:52:pm

Manuel Rojas will be from 26 to 29 June in the city of Bucaramanga (Colombia) as Master invited on the 2nd meeting of flutists, Sponsored by the Universidad Industrial de Santander.

Flute Workshop and concert in San Cristobal (Venezuela)

Posteado por Manuel Rojas el 07-06-2013 07:32:pm

Manuel Rojas is this 12 and June 13 is the city of San Cristóbal (Venezuela) teaching a workshop and concert Esguarnac headquarters. Thus Manuel continues to provide workshops across Venezuela and other countries.


Manuel Rojas in las Noches de Guataca (Caracas-Venezuela)

Posteado por Manuel Rojas el 26-05-2013 12:59:am

This 29 Manuel Rojas will give a concert in the city of Caracas, in the renowned "Noches de Guataca", will be delighting to the public Assistant with the topics most sonados of their record productions and also present their new album "Retribution". Will be accompanied by 2 recognized Venezuelan musicians such as: Gonzalo Teppa (double bass) Nelson Gonzalez (four) and wood 4 grouping. Tickets on sale at


Itinerant Chair of Traditional Venezuelan Music

Posteado por Manuel Rojas el 19-02-2013 05:03:am

Manuel Rojas will be this February 23 and 24 dictating an intensive flute workshop, focusing in the musical forms most important and representative of the Venezuelan traditional music, in the Itinerant chair of Venezuelan traditional music created by the recognized foundation 'Fundaescucharte'.


Manuel Rojas in the Festival "Flutes of the World" (Mendoza - Argentina)

Posteado por Manuel Rojas el 10-08-2012 10:12:pm

In the month of September 19 to 23, Manuel Rojas will be presenting her new album "Retribution" at the Fourth World Flutes Festival 2012 (Mendoza - Argentina), accompanied by flutes quartet " Madera 4". He will also be giving master classes and private lessons.


Manuel Rojas played with Jeff Berlin in Tampa (Usa)

Posteado por Manuel Rojas el 10-08-2012 09:41:pm

Manuel Rojas was in the month of July in the City of Tampa (Usa), presenting his new album "Retribution" at the renowned Academy of legendary American bassist Jeff Berlin, who played at this concert. Manuel played in concert with his group "A TRIO" marking the first time the group and Manuel Rojas presented formally in the United States.


Workshop and Concert ( San Juan de Colon - Venezuela )

Posteado por Manuel Rojas el 30-04-2012 06:56:pm

Next Concert and Master Class Dictated by Manuel Rojas in Venezuela, based on the adaptation of Afro-Venezuelan rhythms with percussive effects with flutes and New Trends in Venezuelan music.

Workshop ( San Cristobal - Venezuela )

Posteado por Manuel Rojas el 17-02-2012 09:56:pm

Next Concert and Master Class Dictated by Manuel Rojas in Venezuela, based on the adaptation of Afro-Venezuelan rhythms with percussive effects with flutes and New Trends in Venezuelan music.


Máster Class ( PAMPLONA-COLOMBIA 2012 )

Posteado por Manuel Rojas el 23-01-2012 10:03:pm

After the success in the last Master Class, Manuel Rojas returns to Colombia. This time will be a 5-day seminar where you touch the most important aspects related to the flute. The event will take place at the University of Pamplona.


Workshop ( Pamplona- Colombia )

Posteado por Manuel Rojas el 07-11-2011 03:28:am

Next Master Class Dictated by Manuel Rojas in Pamplona (Colombia), based onAfro-Venezuelan adapting and Afro-Colombian rhythms, percussive effects with the flutes and New Trends in Venezuelan music.


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