MANUEL ROJAS. Venezuelan musician born in Barquisimeto, (Lara St.), his musical education started at young age, to engage later into the transverse flute in the National System of Youth and Children’s Orchestras of Venezuela (FESNOJIV in spanish), studied at the Jacinto Lara Conservatory and Vicente Emilio Sojo Conservatory (Barquisimeto) continued studies at the Simón Bolívar Music Conservatory (Caracas) with José García (Simón Bolívar Orchestra’s Principal Flute) and received lessons and improvement training with the teachers: José Luis Ramírez, Nicaulis Alley, José Antonio Naranjo, Marcos Granados.

Among others Manuel Rojas has participated in master classes with Jean Claude Gerard and Michael Hasel (Berlin Philharmonic’s Flute player). Also has been three times as judge member of "International Joropo Festival", Joropo’s most prestigious festival in the world. Working as music and flute teacher he has given flute master classes in Venezuela, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria and Egypt.

Manuel has been awarded with the "Orden Maestro Antonio Carrillo" honor order, "Orden Franco Medina" and "Botón de la Ciudad de Barquisimeto”. Rojas has played with major orchestras such as: Simón Bolívar Symphonic Orchestra, Lara (St.) Symphonic Orchestra, Carlos Mhole Symphonic Orchestra, Mavares Orchestra and Trujillo St. Symphonic Orchestra.

Alterning his classical music education with vernacular and folk Venezuelan folk music he has represented Venezuela in the United States, Canada, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Canada, Colombia, Antigua Island, Taiwan, Japan, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Czech Republic and Austria.

His work as flute player includes the releasing of 2009’s Concerto for Flute and Orchestra "Vísperas” (Vespers) dedicated to him by the well known venezuelan composer Antonio Giménez and 2011’s Concerto for Flute and Orchestra dedicated to him by the renowned italian composer Andrea Ferrante.

Currently he was called to integrate Rows "Ensamble Gurrufio" Recognized as one of the most important groups of Venezuelan instrumental music of the last times. The addition is First Flute Band Concert Maestro Antonio Lara Carrillo State. He teaches Latin American Flute Academy Flute and piccolo, within the system of children's orchestras in Venezuela. His work as solo artist and composer includes his first CD “Venezuelan Instrumental Music” , and also the recording of CDs “Sanzoneando” and “Canta y Toca” with the musical project “A Trío - Música de Venezuela” Ensamble as a founder member since 2005. Manuel Rojas included in his work the research of folk and vernacular music becoming in the first venezuelan flute player who has adapted the drums rhythms of the venezuela coasts (known as its mixture with african roots) with percussive effects with flute. His recent work on this area has been mentioned in specialized flute and music websites and magazines, and that will be the subject of his next solo CD which is currently in production and recording to be released in 2011-2012.

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